Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin

Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin

Sell Object by Priced Unit or Allow your Customers to add Quantities/Measurement of Their Own with Measurement Price Calculator

The Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin for WooCommerce shops allows you to add and configure a calculator to your products that are sold in quantities based on their volume, length, area, square footage, or weight etc. This allows you to easily sell products which have a known measurement per item. For example, let’s assume you have room wallpaper that’s sold for $6.09 per square foot, and you offer room wallpaper only in square foot. And you allow user to enter their dimenssions, width and height in foots and the plugin can calculate total required square foot with total price.

Woocomemrce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin allows you to add quantity and user-defined calculators to enable the listing of your products that are sold per unit with a known measurement (for example, tiles with an advertised square footage per box), or others products which are priced by the foot, square meter, cubic yard, kilogram, etc and are purchased using a custom measurement (such as fabric).

Measurement Price Calculator Key Features.

  • Pricing Calculator minimum price range
  • Measurment Range pricing table with regular and sale price of range and quantites
  • Customize measurement and pricing labels
  • Pricing table and ranges shown in Product tab
  • Pricing table and ranges shown in Bootstrap popup
  • All Measurement combination of units
  • Weight, Area, Volume, Length, perimeter, adn surface area colcuations with just on simple inputs
  • Calcualtion available for all physical objects: weight, area, volume, surface and dimesnions
  • Awesome Feature of Room Wallpaers calcualtions
  • Product price must be displayed per unit. (for example, ft, sq fq, yard, lb , m, mm, cu yd,)
  • New Feature of Garden Mulch Measurement (Volume l-w-d) cu yd
  • Measurement Units are weight, area, area(L-W), volume, volume(L-W-D), length, Room Wallpapers
  • User custom measurements are also shown on mini cart, cart page through checkout and order pages which helps to both admin and customer

What types of product we sell ?? Some possible solutions

  • Sell Product by Weight Rice (unit per kg) Demo Weight Product
  • Garden sand (unit per lb) Demo Weight Product
  • Garden Mulch (unit per cu yd) Demo Volume Advanced Product
  • Room tiles by area (unit per sq ft) Demo Area Product
  • Naptha oil gallon by volume (unit per gall) Demo volume Product
  • PVC panaflex by area (unit per sq m) Demo Area Product
  • PVC pipes by length (unit per ft) Demo Simple Length Product
  • Room Wallpaers by area (unit per sq m) Demo Area Advanced Product
  • Trap by area (unit per sq ft) Demo Area Product
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Woocommerce Price Calculator

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Change Log:

 v1.0.2    2017-Oct-19  - Pricing table popup fixes.  
 v1.0.1    2017-Oct-12  - Added new languages German, Spanish, Chines, Russian, Czech.  - Update language file.  - Update documentation file.  
 v1.0.0    2017-Oct-10 -  first release! 
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