Food Delivery Android App

Food Delivery Android App

Food Delivery – This is a mobile commerce system that runs under the Android platform, this application is designed to promote and sell your product. Using the admin panel, you can manage an order, create menu categories and products, and also to set such parameters, as a currency, tax, user, company, etc. From the admin panel, you can add, update data. This application is created for the Android platform for users, and the admin panel on PHP. Launch under the Android platform, which is the most popular operating system in the world. Using this application, you can save money and time creating an application for e-commerce or an online store.


Demo App Google Play Demo Admin Panel
Username : admin
Password : qwerty

Our works:

What You Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Full Php Code of Server Side
  3. Full Document with Screenshot

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