Brick Bounce

Brick Bounce


Brick Bounce Till The Top.

Try It

Demo Link to .apk file updated

Try Our Demo Game ( just demo of game, all features are unable ):


  • Game Artwork is included with .PNG file
  • BuildBox Project Included ( 2.3.3 )
  • IAP For Remove Ads
  • IAP For Additional Coins In game
  • Multiple Character In Game

How to:

  • Import BuildBox file into BuildBox 2.3.3
  • Fill all details regarding desired App store
  • Add Advertising ID
  • Export and Compile game.
  • Upload to App Store
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Price $25.00
Author Dulisa1
Created 2018-04-14 07:28:16
Last update 2018-04-14 07:28:16
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