Android Photo Grid With Bg Music

Android Photo Grid With Bg Music

Sometimes we want to show the photos that we have to the family, friends and the others. How we can do that? There are many ways to do it now. One of them is via mobile phone.

This android photo grid is an advance and perfect offline theme to showcase an array of your fantastic images.

Whether you’re, a photographer displaying your portfolio or a blogger using photos as a key part of your site’s design, this photo grid offers a fresh, captivating layout that exhibits category wise images on one page and them zooms out for more options like

• Set as wall paper • Rotate image • Download to SD card • Share any individual Image via mail and MMS

Other features : • Swipe and zoom • Back ground music implemented as Service • Uses Bitmap cache’s for memory management • Dotted Page Navigation & • Share app with friends

So, why not present your images and photos in an innovative, artistic and original way?

No Programming Skills Required :

This android photo grid arranges your category wise images inside a horizontal-generated grid to present your showcases, galleries, photos… and so on. Just create your category images as described in help file and there you go !

No Graphic Skills Required :

This android photo grid preloads and cache’s images to fit them inside each “cell”, so you don’t need to make images of same size or proportions! Be just sure the weight of your photos is good for phones depending on desired quality.

Resources : Images and Audio : Assets of codecanyon Icons :

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